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Amaretto Sour
Tennessee Sour
Gin Sour
Midori Sour



White rum, lime juice & your flavour of choice, served frozen or straight up:

Strawberry Daquiri
Mango And Passionfruit Daquiri
Peach Daquiri
Coconut Daquiri



Espresso Martini – 6.50
This will shake ya up! ILY Espresso shaken with vanilla, vodka and coffee liqueuer

French Martini – 6.50
Sensational, house infused pineapple vodka and framboise liqueuer shaken to a foam with pineapple juice and topped with crushed raspberries

Pornstar Martini – 7.00
You know you love it already… Vodka, pineapple, passionfruit, vanilla and lime combine with a shooter of prosecco on the side.



Mojito – 7.00
They’re mint like… white rum, sugar, fresh limes & mint flavours: classic, raspberry or passion fruit

Cosmopolitan – 6.00
Move over carrie… vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice

Long Island Iced Tea – 8.00
Can you hack it? Five white spirits – vodka, white rum, tequila, triple sec, gin shaken with lemon juice and layered over pepsi. Or try it with cranberry juice.

Caipirinha – 6.50
Brazillian delicacy, cachaca sugar cane liqueur a stirred with sugar and lime over crushed ice. Flavours: classic, raspberry or passion fruit.

Caprioska – 6.50
Vodka and a flavour of your choice, stirred with crushed ice over muddled lime and brown sugar, flavours: classic rapsberry or passion fruit.

Pina-Colada – 6.50
If you like making love at midnight… coconut rum, pineapple juice and coconut puree, blended with ice with a whole lot of garnish

Bramble – 6.50
Berry tasty! Gin, lemon juice and sugar, topped with blackberry liqueur

Woo Woo – 6.00
Shout it… fruity long drink that combines vodka and peach schnapps with lemon juice and cranberry

Old Fashioned – 7.00
Worth the wait, brown sugar muddled with orange peel and bitters, bourbon & then stirred with ice

Mai Tai – 6.50
A tropical dream! Light rum, dark rum, triple sec, amaretto, orange, pineapple & lime juice

French 75 – 7.00
Classy as. Gin, lemon juice, sugar, topped with crisp prosecco

Bellini – 6.50
Fizzy and delish, peach puree topped with crisp prosecco & a raspberry

Death in the Afternoon – 7.00
Brutal but in a good way. Absinthe & prosecco & lime twist

Aviation – 6.50
Will totally give you wings, violet liqeuer, maraschino liqueuer, gin & lemon juice combined and served straight up with a cherry



Virgin No-Jito – 4.50
Flavours: classic, raspberry or passion fruit

Virgin Pina-Colada – 4.50
Pineapple juice, coconut puree & lime blended with ice with a whole lot of garnish

Virgin Daquiri – 4.50
Flavours: mango & passion fruit, strawberry, peach or coconut



#Number One – 6.00
Berry good! In house infused mixed berry vodka and strawberry liqeuer shaken with mint, cranberry juice and topped with a grenedine cone

Gin and Juice – 6.50
Does what it says on the tin… gin, elderflower, cucumber and apple juice shaken and served with a cucumber ribbon

Stormy Sailor – 7.50
Ahoy there! Dark rum, amaretto, vanilla and bitters shaken and topped with ginger ale and a birra moretti float… real good and real manly

Pop My Cherry! – 6.50
Cheeky… cherry brandy shaken with pineapple juice and grenedine, served with a cherry garnish

Passionfruit Collins – 6.50
Like a tom collins but so much better. Gin, lemon juice, bitters and sugar with passionfruit puree, topped with soda.

rosemary and Vanilla Margarita – 6.50
Refreshing and fragrant, tequila, triple sec and lime with vanila syrup and fresh rosemary sprig

Caribbean Crush – 6.00
Totally tropical! Coconut rum, shaken with coconut puree, lime and cranberry juice

Sloe Gin Fizz – 6.50
Lets get fizzical… slow gin and prosecco served with an icy berry

Salted Karamel Appletini – 6.50
A bit like a toffee apple. Stoli salted karamel vodka, apple schnapps & apple juice

Violet Sorbet – 6.50
Think palma violets. Violet liqeuer & gin with lemon juice & sugar stirred with crushed ice

I wanna Be Your Lover – 6.50
Raspberry liqeuer & triple sec stirred with fresh raspberries, lime juice and sugar

Bourbon Badboy – 7.00
Proper strong, bourbon, cachaca, pineapple juice, vanilla & lime shaken and strained with a dehydrated orange garnish

New York Sour – 7.00
Sophisticated AF, bourbon sour topped with a red wine float

Pretty In Pink – 6.50
OMG! Its pink. Raspberry liqeuer & vodka blended with strawberry puree, lime and grenedine syrup

Gold on the Ceiling – 7.00
They wanna get my… smirnoff gold cinnamon liqueur, gold tequila and apple juice shaken & strained into a martini glass.

Honey. I’m Home – 6.50
Buzzing… Jack Daniels honey with irish cream liqeuer and milk

C&G Peach Rum Punch – 7.00
Get yo punch on… Dark rum & even darker rum with pineapple, orange, peach, grenedine, lemon juice & topped with bitters

Rhubarb Crumble – 6.50
Like nana makes… Sorta. Rhubarb & ginger gin stirred with amaretto, vanilla syrup, lemon and apple juice. Garnished with shortbread crumble rim & rhubarb ribbon

Brass Monkey – 6.50
That funky monkey, with a twist. Stolichnaya Ohranj Vodka, red leg spiced rum, all shook up with orange juice & topped with a dash of angostura bitters

Please advise a member of staff if you have any allergies or special dietary requirements. Please note, some of our dishes may contain traces of nuts.

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